How And Where I Should Look For Physics Homework Answers

Your physics homework assignment lies on the desk in front of you. You recognize the name. Sir Isaac Newton is a hard one to forget. Something to do with gravity? Apples? There's a critical law that you can't seem to remember. Laws, theories and equations; no physics assignment would be complete without them.

Where do you go for answers? How can you quickly track down the information you need? Do not despair. You've got questions and the answers are out there. Here are a few helpful tips to make sure that your homework gets done and that you make the grade!

  • Lecture Notes, Textbooks And Related Course Material
  • Regardless of the specific topic that your physics homework assignment relates to, there are answers to be found in your course material. Is your homework assignment a small one that has just recently been assigned? It is probable that looking back through your last few lecture notes will reveal the answers that you seek.

    If you are not the most accomplished of note takers, go to the course text book. Find the chapters or sections that relate to the topic of your homework assignment. If it is a specific term or idea, it may be faster to go to the back of the book. Check the index, flip to the page number, and find your answer.

  • Google It
  • The internet is an obvious source of instant information on every subject imaginable. Use a search engine to get you pointed in the right direction. Even more helpful can be sites that are dedicated specifically to physics. Many universities, government agencies and research facilities maintain excellent websites with blogs and links to other scientific reference material. Make use of them!

    If your physics assignment involves a person, Wikipedia can be a great place to start the information-gathering process. If an institution, or ongoing physics research project is the subject of your work, there may well be a site and blogs dedicated to that project.

  • The Personal Touch
  • Do you lack confidence in the quality and accuracy of the answers you have provided in your assignment? Go straight to the source. Arrange to meet with your professor to clarify any misunderstandings you feel you may have with regards to the homework assignment. Don't show up empty-handed expecting him or her to do your work for you. Put together your best answers, and be ready to ask some intelligent answers.

    You'll find that most professors and teaching assistants are more than willing to provide guidance and assistance to students who truly want to learn. Regardless of the assignment questions, you can be sure the answers are out there.

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