Assignments For Sale: How to Hire a Professional to Get My Homework Done?

Sometimes school can be overwhelming. Too much homework in one subject can delay you from meeting deadlines in another. There has been an explosion of online companies to help you complete those assignments.

Here are some steps to find quality people to complete your assignments:

  • Look online
  • Ask friends for references
  • Check the job boards at your school

Once you find a source you are willing to try, the following is a list of questions to ask especially for an online service:

  1. Is there a guarantee to meet the deadline?
  2. Does the service use native language speakers?
  3. What are the rules this company uses for plagiarism?
  4. How will the work be delivered?
  5. Are all assignments read by an editor prior to being sent?
  6. Payment for work guarantees?
  7. Does the site have an anonymity/security clause?
  8. What is the workload of the company?
  • Guarantee-It is important to know the guarantee being offered and to ask if they have ever missed a deadline.
  • Native Language-When it comes to writing, have a native language speaker preparing your project is vital. Subtle language difference of a non-native writer will be caught. The converse is true if you are a non-native speaker and turn in a perfectly crafted paper it may raise suspicion.
  • Plagiarism-This subject is taken very seriously and could be grounds for having you expelled from your school. Ask if they use programs to check against plagiarism. Always ask for a plagiarism guarantee and be specific about no “spun” papers.
  • Delivery-Spending the money to have someone complete your project and not having compatible software to open it, would be disastrous. Be sure to ask what programs are being used and make sure you have compatible software to open and print your work.
  • Editing-Asking if work is edited by a different member of the staff before being sent will help you determine if the company is professional. Many people subcontract writing jobs to people all over the world, which could lead to language and plagiarism issues.
  • Payment-A reputable company will NOT ask for payment upfront! Most companies will ask for payment upon completion and offer 100% satisfaction.
  • Security/Anonymity-Knowing how well protected you are before giving away vital information is important for any website. Ask if they offer secure payment and if you name will not be sold.
  • Workload-Don’t be afraid to ask about the workload of the company. Private individuals may be overloaded and large companies may sub-contract using inferior help.

Hiring a professional to get your homework done is easy with the internet. Navigating through the system to hire quality is a matter of knowing what to ask.

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