Texting Story App – The Best Chat Story Maker app

Texting Story App:- we all know lately Text Memes and stories are very famous around youth and people tend to post such stories on their instagram, facebook or even snapchats and thus they are at a blooming trend, Thus we have brought to you today the most amazing and alluring application that will unleash all of your creativity and loads more and the app that we will be talking about is Texting Story App.

Texting Story App

What Exactly is Texting Story App?

So basically The texting story is an application that is available on all platforms of mobile devices, Be it the apple app store of the android google playstore,

Texting story app, helps you in creating amazing and alluring Text stories with custom designs and backgrounds and here you can yourself create the content and also type in what you want, And create a custom conversation and then take a video of it, thus it looks like a conversation and make a story of it,

You can easily post these stories with your friends and family on Social media platforms be it Whatsapp, facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

This app also has a lot of vibrant Features so lets have a talk about those :-

The Features of the Amazing story maker app Texting Story App:-

Features of Story App
  • An App that is completely Free to use:- This app is completely Free to use, and has a lot of amazing Features in it, and having such features really blows the mind that an app like this could also be free.
  • Make your own custom stories:- You can legit create your own custom type of stories by whatever conversations you want.
  • Create your own Creator:- You can be your own writer and write what you feel like and make memes or amazing stories out of it.
  • Take videos of self made conversations:- You can easily take videos of those text chats and create a story out of it.
  • An easy to understand user interface.:-The user interface is very easy to understand and also very user friendly for all of the users.

User as well as Additional Information on Texting Story App:-

User rating of the application4.7/5
Seller of the applicationYvz Digital Lab
Size of the application42.6 MB
Price of the appFree
Copyright© 2019 Yvz Digital Lab
Age Rating4 + rated.


=Thus in our eyes, Following trends is a fun and amazing way to continue the trends and the things going on around us, and this app for sure makes it certain that a person can easily follow the latest trends of making whatsapp and text stories and make funny and meme content over the internet without any hassle.

This app is a good app because it is filled with a lot of features, and other than fellow competitor apps that allow users to take a screenshot of the stories, this app ensures that people can take videos , thus videos are more alluring to the audience that means more exposure, and at top of all of it, This app is free to use .