How to Find the Biggest Files in your Google Drive

Google Drive :- As we all know or have heard about the Google Drive which is the finest Cloud storage platform on this planet which is used by millions and millions of people to store files across servers, Devices and Even share the files among people. The Google Drive platform is widely used by people from all around the world and it is loaded with bunch of amazing features as well, and used by people to the fullest.

Google Drive
Google Drive

Let us now Take a Look on The Features of the Google Drive:-

The Drive by Google is a stunning cloud storage platform where features are countless and customer satisfaction is the fullest :-

  • It Really is Free to use :- Google is widely known for its free services, be it Youtube, Google Chrome or even Gmail, And thus Google and its Drive is also free for all of its users and they can enjoy its features to the fullest, just that they have to keep a note and track of storage on the free version and that’s it.
  • It is pretty simple and easy to use :- The app has a simple layout and it is pretty easy to use, all that users have to do is either upload a file there and you can access it forever on the platform, or even for sharing you can right click and select the option, the app doesn’t need too much of hassle to be used.
  • You get 15 GB of Space :- For Free you get 15 GB of storage, which is more than enough to store important files and other things of various sort, but if you want more storage you can anytime purchase it, and they barely cost around 10 Dollars.
Features of the Google Drive
Features of the Google Drive
  • Keep any type on file over here :- You can keep any type of Audio, Photo, Document, Video file over here as it support almost any format on its platform.
  • Share any file with anyone :- All you need is the E-mail Address of the recipient and you can send the files from your drive to their drive without any workload.
  • It is safe and pretty secure :- We all know about google and how trustworthy this company is and thus we all know that it is pretty safe and secure to be used on a daily basis.
  • It has a great user interface:- The app hosts a very great user interface that sports a great user experience for its users.
  • And more.

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Know About The Steps to Find The Biggest File in your Google Drive :-

Steps to Google Drive
Steps to Google Drive
  1. Open your Drive on the Web browser or on the app, as per your preference.
  2. Now look at the bottom over the left button where there will be listed how much data is being used by you.
  3. Now Simply Hover the mouse that you are using over it.
  4. Now it will show you The storage that is used by you on your Photos, Mail and Drive respectively.
  5. And as you click on the Drive button, you will see all of your files sorted by size at default.
  6. If not then you can simply click on sort by and then click size.
  7. Well that is how you sort the files in Google Drive by size.