Does Homework Really Help Students: An Answer To A Popular Question

Homework is one of the least favorite tasks of students across the globe. They tend to avoid writing lengthy and complicated homework assignments because they are repetitive and monotonous. Different experts have different suggestions about the ideal number of hours a student should spend at home assignments. A recent research shows that students in high school should have maximum 2 hours of home assignments on a daily basis. If we compare this figure with the actual time students spend on home tasks then we will receive shocking results. Over the past decade the home assignment and work load has increase by 40%. Teachers and university officials want their students to be more competitive and excel in academics. Every school wants to get maximum A grades in the final examination. They tend to ignore the problem this will create for students.

This does not mean that you need not attempt homework at all. It is important to help you revise the concepts you read in class and to practice your skills. If you want to improve your hold on certain subjects then you need to attempt home assignments on your own. When you research and find answers for different sums then you will develop a better understanding of the subject. There are both good and bad sides of homework assignments. They can be helpful for the students to practice their skills but on the other hand, it might be impossible for them to find time for themselves and their other activities.

Home assignments have their cons as well. Students have more than a few subjects to attempt the home assignments and find it impossible to complete all of them on time. They may not have interest in each subject or the type of assignment. Experts say that the best time for learning and development is free time. This is where students can improve their creativity and perform activities that improve their development. If a kid does not find enough time for his own activities, then he will not have opportunity to improve his thinking abilities. Another important thing to note is that students find homework hard and ask their parents to help them out. Parents may have to sit for long hours to first understand the problem and then explain it to the students.

Even though homework is helpful for students, its amount and type should be controlled as per capabilities of the students.

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