Homework Help Online: Are There Any Free Services?

The Web today is rich in free homework services – a good news for students who do not have much money to spend. It may take you some time to find help that is both reliable and free, but still it is feasible.

  • Hot lines:

    Some schools and colleges have special hot lines for students who got stuck with their homework. The call is free, and your question will be answered by a qualified tutor. If your school offers such a service, it may be your best option. If not, do not try to use those run by other schools – they are only for their students.

  • Question and answer (Q&A) boards:

    Actually, you may ask your homework question on any general Q&A website, such as Yahoo Answers. However, it is better to look for specialized homework question boards – the responses here are usually more reliable.

  • Problem solvers:

    For many Math or Calculus homework assignments, all you need is a good online calculator. This program will compute the most complicated integrals or differentials for you. It will also demonstrate a step-by-step solution so you can understand and copy it. To find an automatic Math helper, simply Google “free online calculator” or “problem solver”. Give preference to the solvers found on educational websites or those of large and popular Math help services.

  • Textbook answer keys:

    Special guidebooks that contain answer keys to most common textbooks have been around for a long time. Now they are often scanned by student volunteers and uploaded onto the web so that more people can use them. The access to answer sets is usually free. You may either download them or read online.

  • Tutors:

    Free online tutors are not easy to find, but still they exist. Read attentively the conditions on their websites. Some tutors offer a limited number of free sessions, on certain days or in particular hours, while the services of others are permanently free. Check a tutor’s academic credentials – he or she should be a teacher or at least a senior university student. Free tutorship is not necessarily a synonym of inferior quality. Good tutors may work as volunteers. Another common explanation is that a website makes money from their high traffic to pay their tutors, while keeping the service free for students.

  • Writing services:

    Some writing services allow you to ask their experts a question for free. This way a potential client can make sure that their staff know their business. If you discover such an option, do not hesitate to use it – the companies offering it are generally trustworthy.

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