How to Deal with Overwhelming Amounts of Homework in High School

Only the powers-that-be knows why huge amounts of homework are assigned to unsuspecting students! Someone, somewhere has cooked up the idea that the more homework a student is assigned, the more likely he or she is to “succeed” (whatever that means!). The irony is that the idea is bought and implemented in full force without assessing the disastrous impact this can have on a student’s mind. Being overwhelmed by homework is not an enjoyable experience. It is a stress that is needlessly piled on the students’ nerves.

If you are one of the millions of students trying to cope with an unmanageable load of homework, you must be wondering how to survive it with your sanity intact! Here are a few suggestions that can help you manage the homework better or at the very least cope with it:

  1. Stop feeling overwhelmed duh! This does not sound like the advice you were hoping for. In any case, you must have tried doing it to no avail. There is a way to stop feeling overwhelmed: Make a decision and stick with it. Think about it. What is the worst that can happen if you are unable to complete your assignment? Is it really your fault that you are expected to turn in assignments like automation? Why must you dedicate all your waking hours to the pursuit of finishing homework and meeting deadlines? Unbelievably, you will not be the first one to have left their homework incomplete. Your health is more important than all the assignments put together. So allow yourself to lag every once in a while.
  2. See if you are being more stressed than the homework actually calls for, this can happen after years of accumulated stress. You just do not have the energy to tackle even moderate amounts of homework. Be objective and see if the homework, after all, is not too much to handle.
  3. Manage time and homework: Think of homework as a project that can be broken down into smaller tasks. Focus on one task at a time and try not to think about how much is still left to be done.
  4. Give yourself a break: This is probably the best and the most important step you can take to get rid of the stress. Take yourself out for a date, visit a friend, or go to the movies. The sky is not falling!
# - best way to finish your homework in time.