High School Homework Planner: Handful of Advice from Our Readers

Homework is a nightmare for many high school students. If this is your or your child’s problem as well, study the following pieces of advice offered by our readers:

  • Download a homework planner app on your smartphone and synchronize it with your other devices. This way, you will be able to keep track of all your assignments and deadlines. This will help you stay organized and avoid embarrassing situations that occur when you forget about some task, only to learn about it on the day it’s due.
  • Keep a notebook/specialized app on hand at all times. This will help you remember every idea you might have. It’s especially helpful for writing essays, as inspiration can strike at the oddest moments.
  • Organize your workplace, locker and bag. You need to be sure that you have everything you need with you exactly when you need it. Preparing the area where you will do your homework will allow you to save quite a bit of time, and will improve your results because you won’t get distracted. Keeping your bag and locker organized will ensure that you don’t forget anything important at school.
  • Establish a routine that will help you get used to working on homework. Start working on it at the same time every day. Even if you don’t have any assignments that are due, you should keep the routine and use this time for revisions.
  • Developing some good habits will also help in the long run. For example, teach yourself to write a homework to-do checklist every day. Crossing out every completed task will fill you with a sense of accomplishment. Another good habit is packing up your backpack in the evening so you can get the extra five minutes to lie in and still not forget anything.
  • Have a snack before you start working on homework. This way, your stomach won’t distract you from the work. However, keep the snack light. You will feel drowsy if you are too full.
  • Don’t throw away your old notebooks and assignments (always keep a copy of every paper you hand in). You may need these materials for references and revisions before exams. Keeping the notes will allow you to avoid surfing through dozens of reference books the night before the exam.
  • Discover the method that works for you. There are dozens of homework organizers and methodologies that teach you the “correct” way of doing homework. You should try them all and personalize the techniques that you find most effective. Every person is unique, so you should develop a method that works best for you.
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