Organizing the Process of Doing Academic Homework

Many advise that a child should complete 10 minutes per grade each night. This should work out at 2 hours per night. It is important that parents talk to teachers about their child’s homework and the goals it aims to achieve.

The reasons for organizing the process of doing homework:

  • Parents can learn more about the class work the children are doing.
  • Parent involvement is an important part of the learning process.
  • Parent input is an important part of the communication process.
  • Homework is a discipline, which parents should enforce.

How parents can organize the process of doing homework.

  • Create a homework space where the child has a table and a lamp.
  • Create a set time for homework each night, which has to be adhered to.
  • Eliminate distractions like radio and TV.
  • If the child is using a computer make sure the games site is disabled.
  • Introduce rewards for completing homework on time.
  • Favorite TV programs can be recorded if necessary.
  • Parents should read the homework questions and look at their children’s work.

Homework is a chance for children to study their subjects on their own to gain additional knowledge and problem solving techniques.

  • The child needs extra time outside class to understand the subject and how complete tasks.
  • Children have to develop a commitment to working on their own.
  • It is part of instilling discipline.
  • The aim of homework is to develop the child’s sense of self-reliance.
  • It prepares the child for tests and exams, which they have to complete on their own.
  • The discipline of devoting time to work at home helps the child to mature.
  • It enables the child to reconfirm what they have been taught in class.

The process of doing homework can help to tackle any problems the child may have with the subject.

  • If the child is having problems with a subject the parent can discuss it with the teacher.
  • If the parent knows the questions asked in homework they could follow their child’s progress more easily.
  • Teaching help can be arranged and extra classes.
  • The child must present their own work rather than seeking solutions from parents or friends.

It is up to the parents with the teacher to organize academic homework.

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