Math Homework Help: Is It Reliable?

When you are in need of math homework help you can get a tutor. You can find a tutor who meets with you physically at your convenience or you can find one online who meets with you via a web cam on the internet. If they come from a reputable academic website or a reputable tutoring company or freelance site then chances are they are quite reliable indeed.

A tutor is a great resource. When you are working with a tutor there are a few things you should verify:

  1. Are they a peer tutor or a professional tutor?
  2. Do they have any credentials? For a peer tutor the credentials in question may refer to their grades in the course for which they are giving aid and for a professional tutor it can be a teaching certificate or a training license or even work experience
  3. What are their prices? Can you afford to work with them? Remember that quality is more important than quantity. If you find the perfect professional tutor with whom to work but the cost is quite high you may only get to work with them for one hour per week rather than three hours per week as you had originally planned. But that is perfectly acceptable and with their high qualifications you may in fact get more out of that one hour than you would working with a lesser qualified person for three.
  4. What is their schedule? No matter how perfect they are you won’t be able to move forward working with them if your schedules clash. Ask them for their schedule and availability. See what their rules are on missed or rescheduled lessons.
  5. Do they have a plan? Have they set goals for previous students the same as they will for you? Will they create milestones they want you to achieve and do they have specific lessons they want to use to help you reach those milestones? For how long do they anticipate working with you? If they just say “until you cancel” or something that indicates that they don’t have a plan. It indicates that they are not really engaged with you and don’t have a step by step process to get you the answers to your homework and the improved grades. This is not what you should look for when you work with a professional.
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