How to Help Your Child with Math Homework?

It is quite common for children to have issues with learning math. So the fact that they may need help is not that unusual. So how to help them correctly, is the question that will be addressed here. Issues like how much help to give, and what tools may help with helping them. As whenever helping the child, it is always going to be a key point to remember, it is their job to learn, and not your’s.

  • Explain, do not Answer
  • Calculator is not a Learning Tool
  • Helping tools, are basically Age based

Explain, do not Answer

When helping the child, it is important to help them understand. Doing their work for them, does not help. Even doing one answer, can lead to another, and then another, and finally the parent has done the work for the child. Take the time, and explain the problem to the child, work with them, making them do the work, you watch. Stop them when a mistake is made, and ask them if that was right; also sometimes do this even though the child was right. So they do not depend on your stoping them every time they make a mistake. You help them understand, they do the work.

Calculator is not a Learning Tool

Many schools are allowing kids to use calculators on their math. This does not help them. At home, remove the calculator from them, and make them do the work on paper. Yes, it is mean, but it also helps them learn a lot more. By working the equation they will understand the formulas much better, and have a stronger grasp of the math. Sit down with them, and go over the text on the formulas, and see how to do it. If nothing else, go to the internet and look up tutorials to help with this.

Helping Tools, are Basically Aged Based

Yes, this is true. For the younger kids, beans and marbles work fine. But on older kids, pencil and paper, are much better. And on some issues for the older kids, tutorials, and learning programs help even more. Because textbooks are not always clear to a lot of kids that struggle with their math. Some kids just need more information to understand the formulas. It has nothing to do with learning disorders, it is just that kids are different. Some need a little information, and textbooks are great, and some need more, then tutorials and learning programs are better.

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