How Does School Homework Help You: A List of Arguments

School homework is often viewed as a huge burden by students who feel that their school homework takes away a lot of their fun time while they are under pressure to make their homework submissions on time to attain good grades in their assignments which is crucial for their academic success.

There has been wide debate about the amount of school homework assigned to students and how it affects their life and their academic pursuits.

  1. While some people argue that homework is a necessary evil which cannot be avoided at any cost, others look at it as an unnecessary burden on the students who are unable to allocate sufficient time for their studies due to their homework pressure and packed schedules.
  2. There also seems a wide gap among the views of parents and teachers regarding their child’s homework requirements. Many parents feel homework as an unnecessary exercise which is often given as a substitute for classroom teachings on the subjects that a teacher fails to cover in class and makes the student learn it at his own expense.
  3. And teachers believe that homework would make students capable of independently handling their work assignments and help them to understand and apply concepts on their own without any need for guidance. They believe that self-learning is always long lasting.
  4. While some teachers also believe that homework teaches students to effectively manage their time and schedule their work and study simultaneously which would further help them in future when they have to manage a huge work load on being employed in a company.
  5. Despite these arguments by teachers, there are observations that the nature of homework assigned to students are often time consuming and fail to meet the purpose of their study as per the requirements and have therefore has become a mere fashion among schools to assign homework and get them rated by the teachers.
  6. Homework must be related to enlarge the scope of the study undertaken by the students rather than just assigning work without any correlation to their learning as per the curriculum needs or their basic learning requirements.
  7. Also allotting simultaneous homework in all subjects could get very cumbersome for the students to deal with such a huge chunk of assignments in short time and packed schedules.
  8. Considering the amount of homework given in schools students have no time left to learn courses as their homework consumes all their time and also shortens their fun time on other extra-curricular learning and interests which deals with their creative aspirations.
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