A Good Homework Assistant Is Everything You Need

A homework assistant can be used by students and teachers alike.

As a student: If you are struggling with your homework no matter the subject you can get ahead of the curve with a good homework assistant. A homework assistant is someone who offers help whenever you need it.

You can turn to a homework assistant for many things including:

  • Help verifying that you have the right answers
  • Editing for an essay you wrote
  • Helping to explain a homework concept in a new way
  • Helping you to practice the sections of your homework that are most challenging
  • Giving you encouragement when you need it
  • Helping to offer different explanations
  • Giving you an opportunity to ask questions
  • Providing extra prep and study time
  • Providing test preparation
  • Providing additional examples on subjects that are most challenging

When you work with a homework assistant you are getting all of the same services and benefits as a tutor. You are getting someone who can offer personalized service that meets your homework needs. You can ensure that your homework is double checked by an expert in the field when you turn it over to your homework assistant.

As a teacher: if you have multiple assignments to grade and essays to review you may not have the time to ensure that your lessons are properly planned and that your office hours remain open for your students. That is where a homework assistant comes into play. A homework assistant is much like a TA in that they can help review the homework of your students so that you do not have to. You can focus your attention and time toward preparing your lessons or exams while your homework assistant reviews the homework submitted by your students and grades it appropriately. Many homework assistants have already taken your class and passed with flying colors. They are familiar with your style of teaching and they can adequately grade the papers while also providing the students with critical feedback on their performance and their progress. You might be given the option of a homework assistant by your administration or you might have a student who wants to volunteer for the job in exchange for some form of credit. You can speak with your administrative head about methods for credit exchange and assistants.

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