Vital Advice On How To Stop Procrastinating On Homework

Although the student may be familiar with the concepts and problems from class, they may be unable to sit down and start doing homework. Many students have issues with procrastinating, which makes completing schoolwork take hours longer than it ought to. For better grades and a faster completion time, students should use the following advice.

Set a Time and Stick to It

One of the best ways to make homework go by faster is to make a habit of doing the work. The human mind naturally grows accustomed to a habit, and it will set down to the task at hand faster if the student does the same things at a set time of day. In general, students will want to begin their homework once the school day is over with. They should set a goal of completing a set amount of work every hour and map out all of the work that they plan on completing.

Take Breaks

No one can work for hours without having a break. Over time, the mind grows weary and remaining focused becomes impossible. Skipping breaks can actually make completing assignments take longer than normal. Instead of sloughing through hours of work, students should have a five or ten minute break every hour. During this time, the student should get up, stretch, grab a snack or go to the bathroom. Ideally, they should turn their attention to anything other than homework.


Depending on the teacher, students may actually be able to get some of their work done in class. For foreign languages, teachers often require students to write out vocabulary words five or ten times on the assignment. This can easily be done in other classes without distracting the student too much. When there is spare time in class, students can focus on more difficult assignments like math problems or science questions. By using any spare minute during the school day, students can reduce the amount of time that they actually have to spend on their work later on.

Find a Quiet Space

The ideal homework space will be free from distractions or noises. If a library is not nearby, students can always transform their living room, bedroom or office into a work area. Television sets, music and mobile devices should be shut off so that nothing disturbs the student. In addition, students may want to shut the door so that they are not disturbed.

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